Reflection: Becoming a professional and authentic digital resident

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Self produced video on Biteable

After five stimulating topics it is now time to reflect on the journey of ‘Eloane’s Blog’. Throughout UOSM2008, my knowledge of how to professionally ‘live and work on the web’ has grown through critically exploring topics such as online identities and visitors and residents. Moreover, topics I previously had minimum knowledge on, such as the digital divide, open access and digital ethics, were also covered which I’ll keep in mind when using my professional profiles.

If I’m 100% honest I never thought keeping up a blog would be so demanding; I’ve discovered that its takes some time investment to produce a good quality post and I must admit I secretly love it. I have discovered an array of creative medias which add depth to posts and have witnessed an increased success rate through receiving compliments in comments from contributors who stated that my use of graphics made my posts more engaging. My most used graphic-design tool was ‘Canva’ due to its ease of use, which also helped me complete tasks in other modules. Likewise I have discovered ‘Biteable’ which some contributors used to create informative videos – I personally haven’t used it much but look forward to exploring it in future posts.

Throughout the course of UOSM2008 I self produced 26 graphics_infographics.png
Self produced on

I am pleased to say my professional profiles have improved in a professional and visual scale. I have developed a deeper understanding of how to use the web professionally and resourcefully. My Linkedin profile is now complete and I have expanded my network with 24 new connections. I have established an authentic identity on Linkedin by sharing links to this blog and my recently created travel and lifestyle blog ELLIEROCHAX, enabling future employers to have an insight on my hobbies and interests which may provide links of why I’m a strong candidate. As discovered in topic 3, 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social to support their recruiting efforts (Jobvite, 2014). 

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Prior to UOSM2008, I didn’t have a Twitter page but now enjoy using it to promote blog posts and to be commercially aware of society and innovations in business – as an aspiring marketer I find Twitter useful in keeping up with promotional trends.

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My most successful post was topic 5 where the impacts of open access were explored. I believe my limited knowledge on this topic was an incentive to explore it in depth which  enabled me to create a concise and informative post.

I believe that one of the most useful aspects of UOSM2008 was being able to be a part of a homogenous community of contributors – students like myself developing a professional digital portfolio. Being able to compare posts, create discussions and receive comments from my peers further assisted my learning process and enabled me to explore the topics in a wide scale of viewpoints.

I am so glad I took UOSM2008 and recommend it to anyone, it was an eventful and eye opening experience. Keep up with my blogging journey at ELLIEROCHAX, thank you for following!



Jobvite. (2014). 2014 social recruiting survey. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017].


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