Reflection: Topic 5

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UOSM2008’s last topic and certainly one of the most informative; ‘Open Access’ – a term I had not come across before (despite being a firm digital consumer) has opened my eyes to an array of current issues within the digital landscape, regarding content producers and society.

Madeleines post and my discussion with Patricia, enhanced my knowledge of the political views regarding open access. This fortified my arguments ‘for’ open access, with the view that taxpayers should be given access to government funded research papers, announced as true on the UK Gov website.

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Brad’s comment complimented by varied use of media which reminded me of the importance of incorporating creative content on my posts. Moreover he acknowledged my argument of the importance of open access in the education industry and conversely noted that academics have been slow to adopt open access. This lead to a discussion for the reasons why, which I have noted on the infographic below.

Why have academics been slow to transition to Open Access.png
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Lastly, after researching and reading the views of other contributors, I have gained a richer understanding of ‘open access’ and feel confident to say that I can argue equally ‘for’ and ‘against’ its use. Moreover despite the various negatives it may provide for content producers, I believe the positive of open access being ‘central to the continuing development of learning and development’ (as mentioned on Carolina’s blog) outweighs the arguments ‘against’ its use. I say this with having in mind that education is the key source of innovation and growth, which is vital for sustainable development. Consequently making it fair to say that the negatives open access provides for content producers is of small importance if the positives link to improving wider social issues such as the digital divide (as mentioned on Patricia’s blog).

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My comments

Madeleine’s Blog

Patricia’s Blog


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