Reflection: Topic Three

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Topic 3 has been the most enjoyable topic to explore so far. Having explored ‘developing an authentic professional profile’ I have deepened my interest in blogging. When applying for jobs the advantage of having a blog as part of your digital portfolio is undeniable; as mentioned in my post, it helps you bring more to the table than just an account on Linkedin. On the topic of Linkedin, it showed to be the most popular suggestion in majority of posts, appearing to me as the best site to create a professional profile on.

As we approach the end of our penultimate year at university, creating a professional profile is an ongoing key task for the other contributors and myself. I believe the background knowledge we all had on this topic translated well into our posts; having read my peer’s posts, there has been a noticeable increase in advice giving and the use of self created infographics (e.g. Emily’s slideshow). I thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts of my peers this week and I believe the wider use of graphics has a big part to play, which inspires me to use them even more in my future posts.

Catherine’s comment complimented my post breaking information into “clear coherent steps”. This has enhanced my view on the importance of structure in my posts – making it one of the key elements I will ensure my blog posts carry. Catherine’s comment also lead to a discussion on authenticity. Following my choice of not sharing my views around controversial topics online, Catherine raised an interesting point on how over monitoring our online profiles may prevent freedom of individual expression. Consequently, I was able to link this with the balance of online and offline sharing – I believe we should always have a balance with the two to reduce our social vulnerability.


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