Reflection: Topic Two

The time has come to reflect on topic 2 and I can strongly say my #UOSM2008 journey is starting to help improve my blogging skills. This week my post incorporated more visuals which even lead to discussions in the comments section; showing me how efficient visuals are in driving engagement. Moreover, I was able to make this week’s topic relate to my interests; being a marketing student I based the discussion on a marketing view which was appreciated by my fellow marketing peers.

Additionally, I have been able to see how useful reading the posts of other #UOSM2008 contributors can be as I was not only able to further develop my understanding of the topic but I also gained insight on how to improve my future posts. Andrei’s post introduced me to an app called “Beme” which was designed to create a space for people to share their life as it is and through their eyes instead of their phones. This made me reflect on my opinion of people spending too much time on their phones instead of living in the moment. Consequently, Andrei’s post has inspired me to share in future posts, products/services which relate to the topic, as I believe it is a powerful tool to create discussions and is useful in adding value to the post for readers as it makes the post both educational and commercial.

Relating back to the topic of having more than one online identity, after exploring the topic myself and reading the posts of my peers I believe the disadvantages of being anonymous outweigh the advantages. The advantages are more security based which isn’t powerful enough to outweigh the disadvantages, as security can be achieved in other ways such as using protection tools in the online services you use (e.g. PayPal’s buyer protection).

Lastly, I’m looking forward to exploring the following week’s topics and further develop my blogging skills.


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