Reflection: Topic One

Topic One was a great start to my journey of discovering the concepts of living and working on the web; by starting to explore the base of it all – the users! Having explored the analogy of “Digital residents” and “Digital Visitors” I have gained a better understanding of the ways different users have come to use the web and the different ways they approach it.

Callum’s and Faazilla’s comments both mentioned the need for further elaboration of a statement I made about the criticism of Prensky’s work. I fully appreciated these comments and will take elaboration of statements into account in my future posts so that my readers are more clear about what I may state.

Carolina’s comment included a compliment of my post’s layout which I will take on board with my future posts as it shows that the use of subheadings increases engagement by making it easier for the reader to understand what has been written. Her question on the openness of the content I publish on social media really made me think of how they do differ and has influenced me to question the suitability of certain posts on certain websites (e.g. how personal do I want my instagram content to be?)

Having read posts of other #UOSM2008 contributors, I have noticed that there is a mutual agreement that my generation see themselves as “residents” more than “visitors” which has been highly attributed to social presence such as high engagement on social media. Many wrote about their personal experiences which was enjoyable to read and described well the contrast in the types of web users throughout the family tree.

Topic One has been a pleasure to write and I look forward to explore more topics in my future blog posts and interact with my fellow #USOM2008 contributors.

My comments:


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